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Ibis Cove

Last Updated: 2019-01-20 19:34:42
[Real Estate Listings for Ibis Cove]

Active Listings

# of Listings16
Average Price$286,492
Average SqFt1,466
Average Price per SqFt$195.44

Selling price per sqft change

Over the past year+4.63%
Over the past two years-1.48%
Over the past three years+0.96%

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Selling Frequency

% of properties selling within 30 days5.88%
% of properties selling within 60 days9.68%
% of properties selling within 90 days24.24%
% of properties selling within 120 days39.39%

Selling Price Percentage of Listing Price

Properties selling within 30 days99.39%
Properties selling within 60 days97.84%
Properties selling within 90 days97.53%
Properties selling within 120 days97.38%

Recent Sales

Street AddressClosing DateYear BuiltSqFtBedroomsClosing PricePrice/SqFt

Recent Listings

Street AddressListing DateYear BuiltSqFtBedroomsListing PricePrice/SqFt
8735 Ibis Cove CIR 2019-01-1420021,5422$279,900$181.52
8414 Ibis Cove Cir CIR 2019-01-1020021,4553$309,900$212.99
8579 Ibis Cove CIR M-6502019-01-0920011,4553$278,000$191.07
8120 Ibis Cove CIR 2019-01-0120041,4553$274,900$188.93
8468 Ibis Cove CIR B-2662018-12-1820031,4553$310,000$213.06
8562 Ibis Cove CIR L-5482018-12-0620031,4553$289,000$198.63
8244 Ibis Cove CIR B-2222018-11-2920021,4553$279,000$191.75
8351 Ibis Cove CIR A-1542018-11-1520021,4553$272,000$186.94
8048 SIVON WAY 2018-11-0720031,4553$275,000$189.00
8475 Ibis Cove CIR M-6762018-11-0620031,4553$288,800$198.49
8169 Tauren CT P-4392018-07-1001,4553$279,900$192.37
8276 IBIS COVE CIR 2018-05-0720021,4553$275,000$189.00
8359 Ibis Cove CIR A-1562018-05-0201,4553$278,000$191.07
8155 Ibis Cove CIR A-1052018-04-2701,4553$289,000$198.63
8632 Ibis Cove CIR 2018-03-2620031,5972$335,900$210.33
8239 Ibis Cove CIR 2018-01-1020011,4553$277,800$190.93